The week before the Philippine series in Naga, 4 ILLAM teams traveled to Bangkok for the annual SEAYBST (South East Asian Youth Baseball Softball Tournament).  ILLAM (MANILA) defended its Overall Championship by winning in the Senior Baseball and the Senior Softball divisions.  In addition, the Major softball team from Pasig (representing MANILA) also defended its crown.  MANILA won 3 of the 5 divisions played in the tournament.  Host Bangkok won in the Minor Baseball and Major Baseball divisions.

(Photo credits to Adel Samson, Jojo Lazaro, Butch Pena, Myrah Cuenco and Norman Macasaet)

Team Manila / ILLAM
* 2016 SEAYBST Overall Champion
* 2016 SEAYBST Seniors Baseball Champion
* 2016 SEAYBST Seniors Softball Champion
* 2016 SEAYBST Majors Softball Champion
* 2016 SEAYBST Majors Baseball First Runner up
* 2016 SEAYBST Minors Baseball First Runner up
* 2016 Seniors Baseball Best Hitter – Javi Macasaet
* 2016 Seniors Baseball MVP – Fausto Eizmendi
* 2016 Seniors Softball Best Pitcher – Therese Macasaet
* 2016 Seniors Softball MVP – Layca Basa
* 2016 Majors Baseball Golden Glove – Kean Agcaoili
* 2016 Majors Softball MVP – Jessica Daquigan
* 2016 Majors Softball Best Hitter – M. De La Cruz
* 2016 Minors Baseball Golden Glove – Rico Samson

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MANILA TEAM!  See you all in Perth next year!

Manila Senior Baseball (18U) Division

13063027_10208916909987396_9016825867568869318_o     13112782_10208916917387581_6077128352754500532_o

Champion, Senior Baseball (18U) Division


Individual Awardees Senior Baseball (18U) Division

Fausto Eizmendi – MVP

Javi Macasaet – Best Hitter



Senior Softball (18U) Division

13047799_10207839127390455_6630092108484687278_o(1)     13086709_10207839157391205_9197348354034451465_o 

Champion, Senior Softball (18U) Division


Individual Awardees Senior Softball (18U) Division

Therese Macasaet – Best Pitcher

Layca Basa – MVP



Manila Major Baseball (14U)

12719613_10153616139513031_2751174241646194206_o          12891166_10153616138963031_6448075266105495558_o

First Runner-Up Major Baseball (14U) Division


Individual Awardees Major Baseball (14U) Division

Kean Agcaoili – Golden Glove Award



Manila Minor Baseball (12U)

12924529_10209419344460936_146417833920526202_n     11148629_10205557354116437_4029520028900233381_n

First Runner-Up Minor Baseball (12U) Division


Individual Awardees Minor Baseball (12U) Division

Rico Samson (with team manager, Brian Poturnak) – Golden Glove Award






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