Little League Expectations of Parents

The Little League Expectations of Parents are as follows:
– Attend your child’s games
– Be a supportive parent for your child’s Team Manager, Team Mom/Dad and overall Team
– Communicate with the manager/coach only in appropriate ways
– Cheer for all players on the Team
– Be a positive role model
– Be there for your child’s success and struggles
– Understand that the game is difficult to learn and play
– Look for opportunities to work with your child on the basic skills of the game
– Be positive and supportive whether your Team wins or loses
– Be a model of good sportsmanship
– Never use negative comments to any team or player
– Allow the Manager and Coach to manage/coach your child
– Try not to question the Managers/Coaches leadership and training. All of those involved with the game will make mistakes. This includes the Coaches.
– Do not holler at coaches, players or umpires. Every parent is responsible for setting an example for his/her child.
– If you wish to question the leadership or strategies of the Managers or Coaches, please do not do so in front of the players or spectators.
– Learn the rules of the game.

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